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Ear Reshaping (otoplasty)

Protruding ears or large ear lobes can be a source of embarrassment for both men and women and often can have caused a problem since childhood when taunted in the playground.

Often for both sexes it can mean that they keep their hair longer, covering their ears and never like to be seen at the beach or the swimming pool with wet hair.

It can often be the incentive of getting married for the women who would like to then put their hair up or for the men, getting a job or an interview where they can not wear longer hair and need to opt for a smarter short cut.

The incision is made behind the ears to remove an excess of skin and cartilage, the flexible part that makes up most of the outer ear. The scar is then well concealed within the natural crease.

We can offer a confidential medical consultation where you will be assessed for your suitability for the procedure; you will be talked through the whole process in words that you can understand. During your consultation we will show you photographs of other patients’ results and discuss all of the pre and post operative care, detailing the pros and cons so that you may make an informed decision.

The surgery will be performed by one of our highly experienced, fully qualified cosmetic plastic surgeons whom you will have already met at your consultation. All of our surgeons are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) on their specialist register for plastic/cosmetic surgery. Their details are available for you to check prior to your surgery.

  • A local anaesthetic with sedation or a general anaesthetic will be required and can generally be performed as a day surgery.
  • On average 1 week off work will be required.
  • A head band type bandage will need to be worn for approximately 1 week to protect the ears in the early stages of healing.
  • Your after care plan will be formulated by the Registered General Nurse in conjunction with your surgeon and there is always a nurse/doctor on call for you 24 hours per day should you need advice post operatively.