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Mole, Cyst and Skin Tag Removal

Small blemishes that can cause undue embarrassment and discomfort can be removed safely and with minimal disruption, generally under a local anaesthetic.

They may be on the face or the body but at your initial consultation we can advise you of the best procedure for you and explain possible side effects to include details of any scars that may be visible and recovery time. Often due to the nature of these moles, cysts or skin tags they can be removed and once healing is complete can leave no residual scar.

The surgery will be performed by one of our highly experienced, fully qualified cosmetic plastic surgeons whom you will have already met at your consultation. All of our surgeons are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) on their specialist register for plastic/cosmetic surgery. Their details are available for you to check prior to your surgery.

Generally no time out from work will be required but this will depend on the type of work you do. Your surgeon will advise on this.

Your after care plan will be formulated by the Registered General Nurse in conjunction with your surgeon and there is always a nurse/doctor on call for you 24 hours per day should you need advice post operatively.

For more details on Removal of Mole/Cyst/Skin Tag please call us to arrange a personal consultation on 01242-221999.